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            WELCOME to the This is the place for dreamers, believers, the hoper-s, and everyone in between. For those of you who believe in magic, than this is the site for you.

            Long ago, many, many more people believe in the fey. They were considered as real as anything else in daily life. Sadly, now-a-days quite fewer people consider them reality. “But that doesn’t mean fairies are gone. They’re still live right next to people and do both good and bad things; don’t you think it’s strange that everyone ignores them? Just because they can’t be seen, why does that have to mean they don’t exist?” However, considering that you have found and are reading this page, I assume that you believe in magic, believe in the fey.

            Back in antiquity, there were people called Faery Doctors who acted as liaisons between humans and faeries. It is their job to assist in creating a good relationship between humans and the fey. They use their knowledge of the fey, and their ability to interact with them as a weapon. I like to think of myself as a Faery-doctor in training. My name is Natalie, and I am going to share some of that knowledge with you, as well as hopefully collect some more.

            All feedback and questions are welcome. If you have any faery troubles or questions please feel free to ask me. Unlike many other sites, this one focuses more on the physical, hands-on interaction between humans and fairies. Including the little things you can do to establish a good relationship with the fey that are living right besides you. From the Faery World to the Human World, there are ways for you to get along with faeries. Of course, there is some spiritual aspect to this interaction, but I only know so much of that at the moment. Please check out other sites like “” if you’re seeking that type of think.

            Anyway, please enjoy this site. I hope you find it helpful.

             Faery-Doctor Apprentice - Natalie Levine

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Note: Any similarities this site has to other media is unintentional. Many other medias are referenced and mentioned on this site. Particularly "Hakushaku to Yousei which is proporty of Peachpit. Of course, there are also many facts and original pieces of work here. This has not been created to be a fictional site.